Book Review of Finding My Right Mind By Vanessa Potter

Maddie Dunne-Kirby from Wellbeck Publishing Group gifted me a copy of Finding My Right Mind, One Woman’s Experiment To Put Meditation To The Test by Vanessa Potter for an honest review. Wellbeck is gifting one person a copy of Vanessa’s book. Find out more at end of the post.

Gobsmacked is the only word I can say about Finding My Right Mind. I believe that’s a British saying, please correct me if I’m mistaken. Vanessa’s story is like a brick to the head in the very best way. She’s smart, funny, and realistic about the cards she’s dealt.

You can find Vanessa Potter’s book Finding My Right Mind at

The true story of an ordinary woman who went to extraordinary lengths to discover whether meditating could change her life. Insightful, funny, and informative, Vanessa road-tests 10 techniques from mindfulness to psychedelics, and still manages to pick the kids up!

My Thoughts

What would you do if you woke up on day blind and paralyzed? This is where Vanessa finds herself, she’s married with children and at the height of her career. What Vanessa does next is nothing short of a miracle. Using her knowledge of meditation she teaches her body to remember feelings, such as the feel of sand in your toes. With sheer grit, she uses 10 techniques to build the life she wants to live. Finding My Right Mind is a must-read for everyone, she an inspiration and will have you examine your life as you live it today. You will find Vanessa’s book inspirational, fascinating, and looking forward to turning the page. She shows us what the mind can truly do.

Wellbeck Publishing Group

Welbeck Publishing Group is an exciting, fast-growing independent publisher based in London, dedicated to publishing only the very best and most commercial books spanning a number of genres and categories, from leading authors and well-known brands to debut talent. We live for books that entertain, excite and enhance the lives of readers around the world

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One lucky UK reader will win a copy of Finding My Right Mind by Vanessa Potter just by sending me your thoughts on the review and I will draw numbers. The book will mail from the UK publisher.

This is a must-read story. I’m glad you are enjoying the book reviews, keep your comments coming. I have six books lined up to read so stay tuned.


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