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June 3, 2020

CBD has revolutionized modern medicine by transforming the way human illnesses have additional treatment options. However, a common question persists on everyone’s mind, whether the same applies to animals or not. To the question posed above, the answer is yes. Let us explore how CBD has been able to enunciate its potential benefit on animals.

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Similarities between pets and humans 

Apart from both being mammals, many physical similarities are prevalent between a human being and an animal.

  • Seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Nausea
  • Cancer
  • Inflammation

Several studies have supported the strong impact of CBD on several pets, including cars, dogs, birds, and horses. The effects have resulted in benefiting animals in a similar manner in which it has helped us, humans. Moreover, it is entirely safe for pets as most of the animals have an Endocannabinoid system which facilitates a safer CBD consumption. In addition to being safe, it also benefits the regulatory system in the body.

Do cats feel apprehensive?

Contrary to what our normal perceptions might seem like, reports say that cats do experience anxiety. One of the common reasons for anxiety accounted for them being separated from their owner when they go through separation anxiety. CBD is a potential healthy alternative to several conventional methods that aid in controlling this stress. It helps to be far more effective as compared to other drugs that can further lead to causing side effects.

Do dogs experience anxiety?

Dogs, one of the most common pets across households, have also been reported to experience anxiety. The last century has witnessed countless studies completed to evaluate the impact of stress on dogs. Results confirm that dogs, too, feel stressed, similar to that of human beings because of the presence of cortisol, the same component causing stress in humans.

Cortisol further imposed an increasingly harmful effect with ‘Cushing’s Disease,’ a disease that became prevalent among K-9s at a high level. The growing passage of time has been able to introduce CBD towards regulating bodily functions that have reduced cortisol levels among dogs. CBD assists by relaxing the brain out while incorporating a balanced diet.

Nauseous horses 

Similar to cats and dogs, horses too can experience nausea, which can weaken their daily functioning ability. Nausea is primarily caused due to several gastrointestinal problems that lead to several physical concerns, such as the following:

  • Heartburn
  • Bloating
  • Lack of appetite
  • Indigestion

One of the best ways to treat the concern is through initiating CBD that aims to relax the gut microbiome while regulating the gastrointestinal tract.

Treating inflammation 

Each animal tends to experience a certain degree of inflammation. Massive animals, such as horses and cows, can experience painful joints. With inflammation being the primary cause of arthritis, it links to several single diseases. 
CBD has the potential to combat the inflammation caused and has also managed to reduce it with repeated dosage further. Arthritis can be treated efficiently with the help of CBD, as compared to severe pain medications that had caused dampening long term side effects.

Cancer: The Key Murderer

Cancer is another common disease among individuals that have also worked its way to affecting animals. It works by multiplying the cells of the body, which gathers in a specific location that spreads eventually throughout the body.

As a result, the functioning of the motor skills tends to slow down with the insides beginning to deteriorate with time and exacerbating the issue, especially if not diagnosed and treated early. There have been a million researches conducted on cancer with the help of science, and CBD has proved to be one of the essential components showing a direct impact on removing cancer cells efficiently. It gets attached to the cells receptors while altering the mitochondria that results in the cell breakdown.

Pets affected with cancer treatment

While the strategy might not be a 100% proven one, however CBD mixed with other treatments has the potential to eradicate the cancer cells. Moreover, pets have also shown fewer side effects because of the component’s potential ability to regulate the functions in the body.

Does it sound way too dreamy?

Everything that is trending might not be accurate. However, occasionally a fundamental discovery might come in the way that has the potential to redefine the present.  The statement made is what CBD stands for, which brings along the potential to treat humans, animals, and pets with a varied array of ailments with little or no side effects. Bid farewell to see your pets suffering from illnesses such as anxiety, stomach pain, stress, and others.

Dawn of a new beginning 

CBD, with its tremendous physical benefits, have been able to alter the landscape of medicine within a shorter time. Although the previous studies limited due to backward regulations, there is still an abundance of knowledge waiting for us to explore. With the help of legalization incorporation across the US, scientists have been able to test CBD along with individuals treating themselves and their furry members suffering from several health diseases.

A Celebration for animal kind

Animals cases reported showing extreme signs of depression that has further made them lazy and de-motivated to be the cheerful self they are. Extreme examples of elephants hurling themselves on the floor while feeling low, pigs, seen crying due to the death of their siblings or friends.

CBD, in addition to revolutionizing physical health, also has been able to combat depression, not just limited to humans but also animals. With medicines proliferating the depression, even more, CBD has managed to offer a sigh of relief to animals without posing dampening side effects.

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