Wordless Wednesday*Tomato

So glad your here, you make me smile and feel good inside. Keep the funny comments coming. How do you like the new graphic?

This week I’m sharing our yummy little tomato garden. We have Cheery tomato’s and several other varieties. The Cherry tomatoes have been supplying us for weeks with sweet little ones. I’ve really enjoyed making an egg omelet with fresh tomato and cheese, of course some salsa. The others will ripen another month or so.

Tell me about your gardening experience!



      1. well we have at least four different kinds of tomato plants – but none are thriving quite yet – lots of flowers – no flower drop but they are a little stalled. And your mention of the cherry tomato reminded me that I did put one out back – in a container – and waiting for that one too – ūüôā –
        and your post also reminded me of a time I tried fried green tomatoes – have you heard ever tried those? we have a whole back and they were tasty

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        1. Our other tomato plants are just starting to take off, it’s just now hot enough. We also had lots of rain at the beginning and it slowed the plants down. We have a good half dozen or more green medium-size ones. We didn’t plant any large tomato plants this year. One thing that has saved our plants is getting a flower wind fan, it’s shiny and stands about three feet tall it’s kept the birds away. It’s the best investment. Last year the birds got us.

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          1. oh thanks for the tip on the flower wind fan – we have not had too much of a bird issue but years ago we did and we hung up old CDs on strings and the reflection keeps them away – and nice to connect over tomatoes

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