Book Review Navigating Panic Attacks By Dr. Rita Santos

A special thank you to WelBeck Publishing Group Limited and Maggie Dunne-Kirby for sending me an advanced copy of Navigating Panic Attacks by Dr. Rita Santos. 

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Author Dr. Rita Santos is a clinical psychologist who specialises in cognitive behavioural therapy, anxiety and anxiety disorders.

One of the key symptoms of anxiety is panic attacks. However often, or infrequently, you experience them, it is possible to take steps to change how you react. There are ways that you can loosen their grip, potentially even stopping them from happening altogether.

Dr. Rita Santos will you help you to discover how to: 

  • Understand what panic attacks are and why they happen
  • Identify your warning signs and personal triggers 
  • Open dialogue with family and friends
  • Recognise and manage your anxious anticipation surrounding panic attacks 
  • Practice tailored self-care with the aim of reducing the number of panic attacks you have. 

Using these practical strategies, you can promote understanding, self-awareness, and self-care.  

My Thoughts

Wellbeck has done it again! They brought us another great self-help book with tools we can implement right away and use for future reference as needed. Dr. Rita Santos gives you real-life examples and tools to use in helping you deal with and overcome Pank Attacks.

She covers topics like:

Communicating with others

Laying out a self-care plan

Recognizing triggers

and much more.

I have suffered from Panic Attacks in the past and this book really hit home with her strategies and solutions.

I recommend this book highly to anyone who has Panic Attacks or to help you to understand and communicate with a friend or loved one who does. It’s real-world tips that are easy to implement.

Welbeck Publishing Group Limited

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I highly recommend the book and hope you will check it out. It could make a difference for you or someone you love.

Happy Reading


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