August Chonic Illness Writing Prompts

This month’s August Chronic Illness Writing Prompts by A Chronic Voice are Wandering, Catching, Compartmentalizing, Regenerating, and Visiting. 

I chose three this month, Regenerating, Wandering, and Compartmentaling to write about. You will see Regenerating is where I feel the most passion. 

I’m feeling so regenerated in life and my future. I have made a plan to start putting myself first in more ways outside of the house as soon as this nasty COVID pandemic is over. I did get my hair cut after four years and it feels great. I now look in the mirror and see the old me, one who cared more about the way I looked. 

I even bought a do it yourself ear piercing kit and we pierced my upper ears, it feels great to have jewelry to wear. Such a big difference from no jewelry for years. 

I haven’t had a flair in some time and my pain levels are down which gives me the opportunity to get outside and take care of mundane things like running errands but also stopping in for my favorite smoothie and getting a Mani/Pedi for a change. 

It also gives me freedom, now I can make my own appointments, which I did to get my teeth cleaned without asking if my husband can drive me. It’s a freedom I haven’t felt in many, many years. I drove myself to the doctor recently and quite enjoy driving again. 

I also had a birthday last month and it feels great to be more settled. 

My About Me page on my blog was written in 2014. It was not applicable to who I am or what my blog is about so I updated it. 

The COVID pandemic has me lost, I feel like I’m wandering the desert waiting for a vehicle to come by to rescue me. I am very cautious not only because of COVID but also my Immune Deficiency Disorder puts me at greater risk for everything down to the common cold. My doctor said I should wear a mask for the rest of my life, that sounded crazy prior to the pandemic but now it seems so natural. 

When you have been sick for so long, for me it’s been since 2010, you have to divide your life up into pieces in order to stay sane, or I do. Even though I’m still very sick with my Immune Deficiency Disorder, I’m not letting it rule my life. It is an illness I may have for the rest of my life and that is something I accept. When dealing with my doctor or lab appointments I have to wear my Medical/Chronic Illness hat but outside of those appointments, I work hard to do what I have to do to stay well/safe and not let it roll over into my other side of my life. 

I would love your feedback on my post. 


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