Book Review of Heal Yourself with Colour by Walaa AIMuhaiteeb

A special thank you to Maggie Dunne-Kirby and Welbeck Publishing Group for an advanced copy of Heal Yourself with Colour by Chromatologist Walaa AIMuhaiteeb.


Available at Trigger Hub


About the Author 

I’m a colour therapist and colour specialist – but just consider me your super-wise mentor and bestie who wants to help you get back in balance, find confidence and stop living on auto-pilot.

Does it seem like you can’t pick yourself up no matter what you do? You want to learn how to love and appreciate yourself, be able to deal with demanding situations and find joy and happiness again, but right now, you’re finding that challenging. Your energy has depleted, you can’t seem to overcome the difficult situations that you’re faced with and happiness has dangerously drained you.

I work with women who want to distance themselves from toxic relationships and the baggage they come with, open their heart to new love, feel refuelled, refreshed and calm, and appreciate themselves and everything that life has to offer.

As we work together throughout this book, I’ll encourage you to spiritually and emotionally evolve, give you as much support as you need to move beyond fear, and help you get out of those toxic relationships and live a magical life. By the time our work is done you’ll find a calm inside yourself that you never knew existed; you’ll learn the importance of self-love and have a fuller appreciation for life.


Based on the unique Colour Ways system, that combines numerology with colour therapy, author and creator Walaa will show you how to use this powerful technique to bring abundance, clarity, confidence and balance into your life.

Highly practical and interactive, you will learn:

  • What colour personality you are, what each colour means and which chakra it is associated with.
  • Why you are attracted to certain colours and how you can use them to create positive change in your life 
  • What colour numerology is and how to use it 
  • How to use the energy of colour to improve how you feel and think
Alongside daily and weekly rituals and techniques for using colour, including visualisation, numerology, meditation, mantras and mudras and body and home treatments, you can bring abundance, clarity and healing into your life.

My Thoughts

One of the first things that hit me was where Walla was born, in Kuwait. I knew this would be an interesting book from a perspective completely different from my own. Heal yourself with Colour is part Transcendental thinking and a Self-Help book. She writes beautifully and is so passionate about life.   

The history of colour is represented in her book, it’s fascinating. I found that many cultures dating back to the Egyptians were interested in colour and today several cultures use colours to represent religion. 

Walla has all the exercises you need to get in touch with your inner self, walks you thru each colour and its meaning and helps you find your personal colour or colours. My colours are red and gold.

She makes Colour Numerology easy to understand which could be a difficult subject. The book is a fast read but you have to be committed to taking each step which includes journaling and meditation.   

If you want to better understand your inner self and find answers to how to improve your life, this is the book for you. 

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