DetoxRehabs.Net Added to My Organizations Who Can Help Page

August 31st is Overdose Awareness Day and I can’t think of a better resource to add to the growing list on my Organizations Who Can Help Page.

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At, we provide expert information for individuals and families struggling to find recovery by vetting and researching rehab centers. Our site makes it easy to find the top five centers in your home state or out of state. We also provide information for different community needs, such as help for our veterans, LGBTQ+ friendly programs, free or Medicaid accepting treatment, and pet-friendly facilities. 

We recognize the importance of educating yourself during your recovery journey, and so we pride ourselves in providing free educational guides that answer questions such as:

  • Can Marijuana Treat Postnatal Depression?
  • Telltale Symptoms of Children Using Drugs
  • How to Identify the Early Signs of Mental Health Issues

Katherine Clarke
Community Outreach

Please check them out or any of the other organizations that may be able to help with what you or a loved one is struggling with.


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