Introducing Lin Health, A New Way Forward In Pain Management

I’m excited to introduce you to Lin Health. They are a Pain Management platform like no other. This is not your average app, Lin Health offers you one-on-one support with a trained Health Coach who you talk with on a regular basis. She is intimately familiar with your health and medical background thru their support systems and groundbreaking questionaries. They are also HIPPA compliant.

Lin Health has a great introductory offer for just $10.00 for your first month, see below for all the details.

How does Lin Health help you manage and improve your pain levels and in turn improve your life?

  • Virtual Meetings with a trained Pain Management Physician
  • A Personal coach
  • Customized recommendations based on the information garnered thru the process
  • Streamline Processes, best in class remote solutions
  • A partnership with SteadyMD for Telehealth

There is hope

70% of Lin members improved their ability to reduce their pain when it arises. And within three months of joining Lin, 66% of users report that pain now interferes less in their lives.*

What’s on the platform?

  • Personal coaching for pain management
  • Care coordination
  • Personal care plan
  • Dedicated primary care MD
  • Specialty care consultation
  • Digital health tools
  • Proven pain relief devices
  • Medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Sleep, Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD tools

                                       Terri Leitchy Lead Coach

I signed up with Lin Health to better understand the platform and the service commitment made by the company. The process was thorough and they asked detailed questions to truly understand not only your pain and chronic health conditions but you as an individual.

After signing up and completing a few steps I received a text from Terri the Health Coach welcoming me to the platform and she encouraged me to schedule my face-to-face meeting with her. After your face-to-face meeting, you check back in on a regular basis to discuss questions and the next steps.

Lin health is a one-stop platform for all of your Chronic Pain needs, including medical support via Telehealth, prescriptions, personalized coaching, and a wealth of online tools to help you reach your best self.

Here are a few quotes from people who are using Lin Health.

“Lin has saved my life over this past month”

“I’m learning to rename my pain, and it is taking some of the fear out of it. I worry less about it escalating or that it will turn into something bad”

“Not having a migraine is pretty cool, because I’ve had those all my life… I haven’t had one in 2 weeks! For me, that’s a great improvement”

Current Special

Join now for just $10 for your first month and see what all Lin Health has to offer, then it’s only $49.00 a month. The benefits of joining are limitless and you can cancel at any time.

I highly recommend anyone with Chronic Pain conditions to visit the Lin Health website to see what they can offer you. I know you will be impressed and glad you joined the Lin Health family.



  1. You have done a fantastic job of introducing us to Lin Health, Mel! It’s a fantastic idea, especially to provide structure and support to individuals. It’s interesting that even though it’s online, there’s the option for pain relief devices, meds and physical therapy. It’s a much more well rounded but approachable idea, something with tangible benefits online and offline. I’m curious how it works in reality, what it’s like to actually be supported like that. I imagine it’s something many patients have never come close to experiencing before. I really, really hope they can bring something like this to the UK!

    Caz xx

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