How To Make Your Garden Inviting

Your Garden needs gentle care and attention throughout the year. Of course, in the spring and summer, we clean away the winter debris, ready for outdoor parties and barbecues. Or simply just to relax in your little private space. 

However, when the winter is coming upon us, leaves from a Fall, as well as the severe weather, can cause damage to your garden. It is very important that you take a couple of steps to get your garden looking gorgeous.

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Throughout the autumnal months, there will be many leaves falling, and a lot of rain too. It is very easy for your garden to go from clean and tidy to look a little bit messy, and it eventually will become hard to keep tidy. 

Head out and pick up all of the debris; then set it aside because you can use this for a protective layer of mulch for your seedlings.

Take a pair of shears or some secateurs and strip away any loose or dead branches. 


If you have furniture in your garden, it is a great idea now to buy some furniture covers; this can protect your furniture when the weather gets more severe. Bring your furniture over the winter months also makes it much easier to clean when springtime comes around. 

Now is also the perfect time to cover your barbecue or put it in the shed, ready for use next year.


Depending on what type of pond, you will change how you need to prepare it for the winter months. If you have wildlife in your pond, it is essential that you prepare it correctly for the winter months. Getting a pond maintenance services company out to check over your pond it’s a great idea and can avoid any costly repairs or severe damage over the winter months.

Bottom to top

You must start at the bottom and work your way up. Sweep up as much as possible, and also, it is a great time to scrub your patio or your decking. This will mean there is limited damage or weathering over the fall and winter months.

To clean your decking, you simply need to have a firm, stiff brush your brush and apply pressure or use a pressure washer. The pressure washer, of course, being in the fastest way to clean those stains. 

After that, move to trimming back trees and bushes, wrapping roots in protective layers, and topping up any birdhouses with food. 


If you have plans that are dead or dying, you might have many planters that can be good and used for springtime planting. Remove all of the dead or dying plants and their roots and put them into your compost if you have one. 

Most often, the soil can be re-used, so put it somewhere safe ready for your big springtime planting session.

Your garden can be perfect all year round with just a few hours of maintenance here and there. 

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