Freelancing Jobs You Can Ease Into

Quite a few people need to take a step back from working full-time. There are multiple reasons why this could be the case. Anxiety and other conditions could make having a formal job relatively difficult. You’ll still want to be productive and work, however.

That could feel like a catch-22 situation. It doesn’t have to be. Working from home can be an effective alternative option. Not only can you still be productive, but you can take things at a pace that suits you. Many of these will be freelance, so you can work as and when you want.

That could make freelancing an attractive option for many people. You’ll need to think about what kind of freelance jobs you can do. Thankfully, some are relatively easy to start. Once you gain more confidence with it, you can do more. You can even cut down on hours if you wanted.

Some come much better recommended than others.

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Freelance Jobs That Shouldn’t Be Too Mentally Taxing


Writing has been one of the most popular freelancing jobs globally in the past few years. That’s driven by the wealth of different writing jobs you can get. While many people choose to blog, copywriting and online journalism have also been relatively common.

You’ll have to master a few skills for this. Thankfully, however, there are countless online resources available for you to do so. Some of the more notable of these revolve around search engine optimization, converting readers, and more.

With these roles, you’ll typically be hired by clients to work on specific content. These can range from email content to sales and marketing pages. Though compensation mightn’t be great at the start, you should see your income shoot up as you prove your worth.

Becoming a freelance editor is also an option, although you’ll typically need several years of experience before you can achieve this. With the position, you’ll work with writers to refine their content, among other duties.

Virtual Receptionist

You might assume that a receptionist will have to be based in an office. That doesn’t have to be the case. Companies like Virtual Headquarters have become known for providing many receptionist services to businesses. That’s made possible by various tools and software, which you could take advantage of.

A virtual receptionist is exactly what you think it is. They’re usually responsible for answering customer calls, scheduling appointments, and much more. Almost all of the duties you’d expect a typical receptionist to do, although it’s done from home. While there are some tasks that can’t be done this way, the majority of them can.

If you’re a people person, but would rather have little physical contact or avoid somewhat crowded places, then this could be the right role for you. 

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eLearning Professional

Online learning has become quite popular in the past decade or so. That’s primarily driven by younger audiences who are more comfortable with technology than previous generations. The courses that people learn from need to be created by somebody. That could be you.

If you’re experienced or knowledgeable about a specific topic, then you could create an online course about it. To properly capitalize on this, however, you’ll need to have built up some kind of reputation surrounding a given topic. While that could complicate matters, it should be one of your only obstacles.

If you don’t want to create an online course, you could try coaching. That could revolve around wellness, finances, spirituality, or something else. Though you’ll still have to build a reputation for yourself, it could be a popular freelance job.

Web Developer

Web development has boomed over the past few decades, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Coders and programmers, alongside designers, have been some of the more popular freelancing jobs in this sector. If you’re good with technology and have an eye for detail, then this could be up your alley.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs will need websites just as much as international brands. These smaller companies can often be easier to work with, as they’ll typically only need short, one-off jobs. That could make them much more stress-free than working with larger firms.

When you’re first starting, that could be a recommended approach.


If you’ve already considered freelancing jobs, then you might have thought about selling products online. The thought of finding a supplier and manufacturer for your products, alongside figuring out the rest of the supply chain, could be too overwhelming. There’s a way around this, however.

Dropshipping is the act of selling products on behalf of other companies. As an online retailer, you can set up a website filled with products from different manufacturers. When someone places a purchase through your website, the manufacturer or supplier fulfills the order.

You then get a portion of the sale. There is a lot of competition here, however, and profits can be relatively low. If you’ve proven yourself good enough, you could make a sizable income.

Affiliate Marketing

Similar to dropshipping, affiliate marketing is a great way to sell products online without worrying about logistics. You’ll need to have a well-trafficked website or popular social media channels to properly take advantage of this, however.

Affiliate marketing involves inserting ads into your content or otherwise advertising another company’s product. If someone purchases the product through your link, you’ll get a percentage of the sale.

To make a decent income with this, you’ll need to know how to properly advertise your content. If you don’t have a decent following online, then this mightn’t be the option for you.

Wrapping Up

Full-time employment, especially in an office environment, can be difficult for many people. That can make freelancing jobs much more attractive. Since you can set your hours and work from home, there’s a lot less stress involved. If you’re tempted, they will take some effort to get off the ground.

Once you’ve done that, however, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue managing your workload. That balance can make your life much less stressful while letting you work on your mental health.

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