Workplace Health & Safety When Your Workplace Is On The Road

It’s important to make sure that we’re able to stay safe and healthy in our workplace, no matter where that might be. Nowadays, whether you’re working as a delivery driver, as a trucker, as a taxi driver, or simply traveling around from one client to the next, more and more of us are driving for work. As such, we need to be aware of the health and safety needs that come with that working environment, as well.

If your career involved any long-distance driving or you spend more than an hour a day driving, you should make sure that you keep the tips below in mind to protect yourself from the risk of accident, injury, and illness.

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Driving healthily

Sedentary lifestyles that don’t involve a lot of movement aren’t great for your health in a variety of ways. Aside from an increased risk of weight gain, you could also be looking at the development of musculoskeletal injuries if you’re not careful. As such, make sure that you take into account proper driving posture and keep yourself upright as best as possible. It’s also encouraged that you stop at a car park or where it’s safe to stretch or even do a light exercise if you have been driving for more than a couple of hours. Otherwise, pain could be a distracting factor when you should be keeping your focus on the road.

Take road safety seriously

You might think that, of course, road safety is important. You might think that you’re perfectly careful and capable of managing risk on the road. However, if you drive for your work there’s a good chance you drive more than most people, so you also have to spend more time ensuring your safety than most people. As such, you should look at training courses such as defensive driving courses that can teach you advanced techniques for keeping yourself safe. Defensive driving is all about being more aware of the nature of risks on the road and how to drive so that you’re best positioned to extricate yourself from any situation that could manifest the risk of an accident.

Be aware of the risk of accidents

Prevention is, indeed, the best cure, when it comes to dealing with accidents. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a plan in case the worst does happen. Make sure that you have a contact number for legal help like motorcycle accident attorneys if you do ever get into an accident. What’s more, make sure that you invest a little more into your insurance coverage. You’re going to need the extra financial compensation because it’s not only your health and your vehicle you need to cover, it’s your livelihood, as well. Of course, you should keep an emergency kit in the car to make sure you’re physically equipped to deal with any accidents, too.

Keeping your eyes open

Drowsy driving is a serious safety hazard and one that’s especially dangerous for those who spend longer on the road than most people, such as those who drive for their work. If you start finding yourself yawning or blinking a lot, otherwise feeling tired, or even starting to nod off, you should address the problem as soon as possible. Getting enough sleep is the single best approach, but you should also make sure you avoid alcohol as best as possible. Caffeine can help, but your best bet is to find a place to stop and get some sleep safely before you get back on the road. Either way, as soon as you recognize the signs of drowsy driving, it’s your priority to act on it.

Know your limit

You might be happy enough to drive long distances for your work, but you need to make sure that you’re not pushing it too far. For one, in most places, there is a legal limit on how much you can drive, be it per day or per week. If you drive too much, then it will inevitably become harder to focus as time goes on, which is when you might be at your most vulnerable. Furthermore, driving can affect your mental health, with the impacts becoming more severe the longer you drive. As such, it’s essential to take breaks, not just from a legal standpoint, but to ensure you’re giving yourself the necessary emotional self-care, too.

A lot of people enjoy the freedom of driving for work, especially as a freelancer, and would prefer it to any office environment. However, that doesn’t mean you should be blind to the risks. Keep the tips above in mind and protect your health on the road.

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