How The Pandemic Has Strengthened My Marriage

My husband had been working from home since March 2020 and it was the easiest transition I could have imagined. Luckily he already had a home office so he isn’t having to work somewhere else in the house like the living room or kitchen.

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We’ve known each other for 20 years and have been married for close to 19 years so I had a good understanding of what he did for a living or I thought I did. What I have learned about his people skills is quite amazing. I now understand the level of stress he used to bring home. He is exposed to the highest levels within a multi-billion dollar international company and has to deal with the changing nature of their industry on a daily basis. 

By learning about his work environment, I can better understand his daily frustrations and communicate more effectively with him when he is trying to unwind at the end of the day. I am also more understanding when he has late-night calls with people in Tokyo or is answering texts late into the night.

The greatest changes to come out of him working at home is we get to eat lunch together every day, chat in between meetings, and occasionally get out for a coffee run with the dogs. He can also play with the dogs for a stress relief break. He now has a better understanding of my daily schedule and struggles. 

We communicate more no than ever before on a daily basis. That has strengthened our marriage. 

I’m not a Polly Anne type of person, quite the opposite but I see a silver lining and this is mine. I hope you can find yours.



  1. Aww that’s really good to hear, Mel! It seems the pandemic can be hit and miss as to how it affects relationships – some it has broken down entirely, others it has helped strengthen the bond. I’m glad yours is the latter. With hubby being at home, I can see how that shows you both a little of what the other goes through day to day. xx

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