4 Methods To Reduce the Physical Signs of Tension

While stress is most definitely the biggest buzzword in the route to health and wellness, we can overlook tension in a physical sense. Physical signs of tension can lead to more stress, which is why we’ve got to learn how to reduce these physical signs. So what are the best ways to reduce any physical tension? 

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If you are constantly experiencing pain in your lower back, this could be due to many knots in the lower spine area. Many chiropractic care providers can help you work through these problems, but massages can get to the root cause, especially if your tension is always based on a certain part of your body. There are so many ways you can use massages, such as a massage gun or you have sports massages. But it’s crucial to remember that if you are experiencing pain in a certain area, it could be due to improper use, especially if you exercise a lot. 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This is something that works wonders to reduce physical tension. It takes its cue from isometrics and involves tensing a part of your body before relaxing it. Progressive muscle relaxation works through every muscle group gradually. Relaxing muscles that have been tense for a while can be difficult to calm down, but many people have noticed that it has made a significant impact on their sleep quality. 


Something else that works very well in the modern world because it is a component that is “mind over matter.” Visualizing involves imagining a scene or an image that can help you to stimulate the subconscious in positive ways. A lot of other problems can stem from the subconscious mind, so if we feel that we are constantly tense in a certain area, actively focusing on that area and visualizing it “calming down” can make a massive difference. It also works wonders for people trying to hit certain goals. When it comes to physical tension, you have to remember that visualization can be key because your brain is not necessarily able to differentiate between the signals that are real and the signals that are imagined. So if you make a strong enough signal that you are relaxed, you will gradually begin to embody that. 


Hypnosis is another aspect that can help you to retrain your brain, and therefore you won’t feel as much tension in your mind so it will not transfer to your body. There are fantastic apps out there that can help you towards this, but one of the best is Reveri, which allows you to go into a peaceful and tranquil state while also retraining your brain.

Learning to reduce your stress is not just about the mental components, but making sure that you reduce the physical signs of tension. Stress and physical tension can go hand-in-hand and one can cause the other, and vice versa. Getting to the root cause is crucial, and if you try a number of these methods, you should see a big difference.

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