Fun Facts That Will Amaze You

The last time I did Fun Facts people raved about how informative and funny they were so I wanted to start a new weekend tradition.

American flags left on the moon will eventually get bleached white by the sun.

While they are hibernating, bears do not urinate. Their bodies convert waste into protein.

White-faced capuchin monkeys greet each other by sticking their fingers up each others’ noses.

Gummy bears were originally called “dancing bears.”

New Zealand has more cats per person than any other country in the world.

The hagfish is the only animal that has a skull but no spine.

People weigh less if they stand at the equator than if they stand at the North or South poles.

At their closest points, the U.S and the Soviet Union are over 2 miles (3km) apart.

The yo-yo was originally a weapon used in the Philippine jungle.

Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserable contains a sentence that is 823 words long.




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