More About The Whole Me

We all have many facets to our personality, many of which don’t show up in our blogs. I wanted to share more about the other parts of my life that make me a whole person. 

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Love Home Design, all aspects including color. 

I love looking at Real Estate every day! Not that we’re moving, I just like to see what others are doing with their house and keep on top of the market. Of course, I also look at luxury properties we can only afford if we win the Lotto. 

I collect Globes

I eat the same thing for lunch 99% of the time. Yogurt with fruit on top, most of the time strawberries.

I eat the same dinner two nights a week 75% of the time. A muffin with one yogurt.

I have to brush my teeth after eating.

I eat out of a bowl for every meal.

I have a green/slightly yellow thumb. Very green outside, slightly yellow inside. 

I love books and it’s very hard to part with them when I run out of room. 

I’m pretty mechanically inclined. I discovered what was wrong with the disposal just this week.  

I love to cook but hate washing the dishes. I have good dishes for cooking to hand wash and others to go in the diswasher. 

I wanted to be a Life Magazine Photo Journalist from the time I was in sixth grade. 

I don’t have any children but worry a great deal about the future of children. 

I feel helpless when it comes to helping women in other countries even though I make charity contributions. 

What are some of the other aspects of your life you don’t share on your blog? I would love to hear. 



  1. It was fun to read more about you! I’ve been getting into home décor and design lately and can spend a lot of time looking at blue and yellow kitchen images, home improvement, and real estate, just for fun. I’m wondering what kinds of globes you collect. I like round things and collect snow globes. Also angels and rabbit figures. I eat oatmeal with nuts and fruit for breakfast every single morning. One area where we are different: I am not mechanical. Good for you for figuring out the disposal!

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