Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer. Join us as we RISE together to help uplift women in need.

The past year has posed a challenge to just about everything, and breast cancer prevention is no exception. Although we saw setbacks in screenings and early detection, we’re rising to the challenge together.

For the past 30 years, NBCF has supported women by helping them get access to the education, screening, and support they need. This is our moment to rise up and do even more.

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October 16th: National Mammography Day

National Mammography Day is a part of Breast Cancer Awareness month and is celebrated on the third Friday of October every year.

Mammograms are a hugely important aspect of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as millions of women across the globe are encouraged to attend Mammography screenings as part of the defence against developing breast cancer.

According to the CDC, cancer is the second biggest cause of death among Americans. Breast cancer is among the most common diagnosis in women, and screenings and exams are crucial for early detection and treatment.


I had my own scare years ago when a lump was found on my breast. My doctor did advanced testing and felt certain it was not malignant and watched it for ten years. Last year I went to a new doctor for my exam. I was called back in three times and told on one appointment it had grown. I became very worried and like many thought about the outcome. 
Another doctor did an ultrasound and compared my images to the previous one and discovered it had indeed not grown. What a relief. I still have to be closely monitored every year with advanced screening and ultrasound. As it turns out, every October is when I have my annual screening. A perfect reminder. 
Get your annual exam and do monthly breast exams at home. If you are unsure how to do them, ask your doctor for the proper way to look for changes in your breast. 
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