10 Things To Remember On A Weekend Away

So you’ve decided to go on a weekend away with friends. Being prepared for this trip is essential to have an amazing time! Here are the top 10 things you need to remember on any weekend away.

Photo by Roger Brown on Pexels.com

1. Bring snacks

If you’re driving somewhere for the weekend, make sure you bring some easy-to-grab food along with you. If you get hungry while driving (or even on the plane/bus), it can be dangerous to try and get your bag or dig through your purse. It’s also important because if there isn’t anywhere nearby to get food, this will help you last until dinner time.

2. Have an emergency kit

Pack a travel-size first aid kit in case of any accidents! It’s also essential to bring Tylenol, Band-Aids, hand sanitizer, Imodium AD (in case of diarrhea), floss, and any other personal necessities because there may not be a store nearby to buy these things. Have car accident lawyers on speed-dial, just in case.

3. Prepare an itinerary

Make sure you prepare an itinerary for the weekend. This can include anything from finding fun activities to do if it’s raining outside (such as visiting museums or finding exciting shops to explore) to finding a restaurant to eat dinner at and making sure there is somewhere for breakfast.

4. Bring water bottles

It’s smart to bring reusable water bottles along with you. If it’s hot outside, this will help keep you hydrated as well as cut down your chances of buying a bottle of water at a gas station, which is known to be very overpriced.

5. Pack extra clothes

Pack a backup set of clothes in case something gets spilled or ripped on your trip. It’s also wise to bring pants so you can wear sweatpants if it’s colder outside than you thought/you didn’t pack any warm clothes, as well as a sweater or jacket if it’s colder outside than you thought/you didn’t pack a coat.

6. Bring extra money

Whether you forget to bring enough for dinner and need more, lose your wallet, or have a bank card not working, this will come in very handy. This is also helpful because there may not be a place nearby to buy anything extra from, so it’s wise to have some money set aside just in case.

7. Don’t forget your passport

Your passport might expire soon, or you might need it for other reasons while traveling. It’s much easier to keep track of your passport if you put it in the same spot every time, such as your underwear drawer or backpack pocket. This will save you the hassle later on.

8. Don’t overschedule yourself

Don’t make plans for every hour of your trip because things always happen unexpectedly, and there’s no way to avoid that! It’s essential to relax and be flexible on trips so you can have more fun.

9. Bring a camera

It’s nice to capture memories of your trip with pictures, whether photographing landscapes or taking selfies with friends. If you already have a smartphone, it wouldn’t hurt to bring along an additional camera – make sure to charge the battery, as it doesn’t last forever.

10. Have fun!

Don’t forget that this is your trip and you should enjoy every minute of it – talk with friends, explore new places, take lots of pictures, try new things. And most importantly: don’t stress yourself out over little things because there are bigger things to worry about!

This is a collaborative post.


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