October Chronic Illness Writing Prompts

This month’s Chronic Illness Writing Prompts are Falling, Transitioning, Choosing, Imagining, and Beautifying. This month I picked three of the five. Each month the prompts are from A Chronic Voice, be sure to check out her awesome blog filled with tons of information on living life to the fullest.


This month I’m working on the inside and the outside of me. On the inside I’ve started Yoga, at least I have bought the necessary items to start. I plan to focus on stretches then work into some actual Yoga moves. It’s been years since I’ve done any exercise other than walking the stairs. Today I started walking with my husband and the dogs at lunch. 

As for the outside, after getting my hair cut my ears are more noticeable so I pierced one of my upper ears and have bought a diamond shooting star for it. I pierced both sides but the side I sleep on hurt too bad and I let it close up. I have plenty of jewelry but haven’t worn it much this past 10 years. I started wearing a necklace again and that has worked so far. I also bought a faux diamond wedding ring since mine no longer fit. Now I have a wedding ring to wear after years of going without one, it feels good and I think my husband likes it. 

I have spent many years living as a patient, always reading about what is going on with me, the latest research, and even listening to others with the same health issues. I’m choosing to no longer take that approach. When I go to the doctor, I’m a patient, ask my questions, come home, and read about the side effects of any new meds, and then I’m putting it away. Yes, I have to pay attention to the everyday issue and look for side effects or worse but I’m changing my mindset. I’m working on a healthy mindset with a sick body. It’s not glossing over the facts, I chose to not focus on the facts. There is a big difference. My doctor is great and she changed my meds yesterday, I’m taking a positive attitude about how they will help my pain levels without opioids.  I’m living opioid-free for as long as I can. 



I’m having fun with my blog by doing more Book Reviews and Interviews. I have had so many great books to read and enjoy the opportunity to share with my readers. I have two companies out of the UK that I’ve been working with and now work with NetGalley so I can expand my range of self-help and mental health books.   

I wanted to be a journalist from the sixth grade on, actually worked on the school and our local newspaper in high school. I won a Journalism scholarship but we couldn’t afford for me to go to school out of town. I look at blogging as my writing opportunity. I’ve forgotten most of what I learned about proper writing but I get along. I want to expand myself. We are well-rounded people with many interests and I want to bring you more interesting topics on my blog.  

I also want to get back to more advocacy work, I’ve been lax and now it is the time to get involved in issues that mean something to me. You may have noticed how active I’ve been in October Awareness Days, they are great issues that need more conversation around them. Look for more in the coming months. 

Happy October! 


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