Two Of My Favorite Frugal Finds

I love to save money on items I’m already purchasing and there are two Apps that you add to your browser that will help you save money if there is a coupon code available or promotion going on.


I can’t tell you how much I love Ratuken! They have paid me so much money for shopping it’s hard to believe. To date, I’ve earned around $1850 just for shopping and buying what I already planned to buy. They payout once a quarter and next month a check will mail out for over $250, my credit card is going to love that payment. 

Companies love Ratuken too. One of the companies I shop at often has 10%-15% Ratuken promotions versus the normal 1%. So I try to plan my shopping around the higher cashback days. Ratuken emails me with companies that are doing promotions and what the extra cashback is. If I plan on shopping or need something from one of those companies I jump on the extra cashback. On $100, 10% cashback versus 1% cashback is a big difference. 

Ratuken has a pop-up when your shopping, you need to click on it to activate it. Then all the items in your cart are counted for. You can go to the R at the top of your screen to make sure Ratuken is active. One thing to remember is sometimes Honey will have an offer that Ratuken doesn’t so if you click on the Honey offer it disables Ratuken. All you have to do is go up to the R again at top of the screen and reactivate. Always go back up to the R to check you are still active if you’ve clicked on any Honey offers before you check out. 

Ratuken also pays for referring friends and family and currently has a limited-time offer of $40 per referral. When you refer someone you get $40 dollars after they spend $40. You can refer as many people as you like, just make sure to use your individual link. 

It’s the season for shopping, not only are the holidays coming but weather changes often call for new clothes and shoes, not to mention those honey-do projects. 

Here’s my link if you would like to join.


One of the greatest things about Honey is that they give you points even if they can’t find a coupon code. They have also recently started offering money for certain items when you are shopping. Example: I bought a pair of jeans, Ratuken only had a 1% reward going at the time but Honey paid me almost $16 for the jeans. A pop-up will appear if the item qualifies and you click on it to activate the coupon. 

The other change I like about Honey is they allow you to cash out every time you have 1,000 points. You don’t have to, you can wait and collect more but it’s available. Another big change I like is you don’t have to get a gift card, you can have the money sent to your PayPal account. 

This month alone I’ve been able to cash in close to $50 by getting in on the special offers for what I’m already buying. That’s $50 cash to PayPal and straight to my bank account. 

Here’s my link to join.

You can’t find a simpler way to make money and find coupons than with Ratuken and Honey. 

Happy Saving!




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