Fun Facts That Will Amaze You

I’m so glad you are enjoying the new weekend tradition. We learn something new each week, even if it’s weird. I love hearing your comments! 

Being compassionate to others–as well as oneself–leads to greater happiness

Snow-bones are the lines of snow or ice left at the sides of roads after the rest of the snow has melted

Toxic people undermine, discourage, sabotage, and take advantage of you. “Nutric” people do the opposite, which is why it is so important to surround yourself with them

Moons can have moons, and they are called “moonmoons.”

The word “good-bye” is a contraction of “God be with ye.”

Believing in Santa Claus cultivates a child’s imagination and the ability to think of possibilities and potentialities.

The Greek name for the mosquito is “anopheles,” which means “good for nothing.”

A “50% off” sign increases sales, even if shoppers don’t know the original price or what a reasonable price for the product would be.

Sea otters wrap themselves in kelp so that they don’t drift on the ocean while they sleep.

The neighbors of lottery winners are more likely to go bankrupt because they try to keep up with their neighbor’s new spending habits.



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