Review Of To Better Days Joint and Muscle Patches

I was kindly gifted a Trial Pack of Joint and Muscle Patches for an honest review by Marta at To Better Days. 

The Trial Pack includes 6 small and 3 big patches, both have the same amount of ingredients. I focused on my neck and shoulder since I’m working out a kink due to a new pillow. 



I love the portability of the pack! You can stick them in your handbag, desk, backpack, pretty much anywhere a few pieces of paper will go. They have the greatest adhesive delivery system, they are thin but not delicate, almost transparent, and stay put.

The smaller ones are longer than bandages and get in all the small places you feel pain. The larger ones are a full sheet size and perfect for large areas like the shoulder. I used one on my shoulder across the top. Even though it didn’t adhere perfectly because our skin moves in that grove on the shoulder, it stayed in place for over 12 hours. 

After a short period of time, I felt some relief in the kink in my neck, it wasn’t as stiff, allowing me to move more freely. It was so comfortable I slept with it on and was not distracted by it being there. These are good for your everyday aches and pains. 

The patches are Gluten, Lactose, and Latex-free and suitable for vegetarians. 

I would highly recommend the patches and they have a wide selection of other patches on their site. 

Thank you for the chance to review and share. 




  1. Neat review, Mel. It’s great to see your thoughts on these and I’m glad they could help relieve a little stiffness. I think it’s a fab concept with the novel combination of vitamin D and dextrose, and they’re certainly super convenient.

    Caz x

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