Can You Benefit From A Weighted Blanket?

It’s that time of year when many of us are pulling out our heavier blankets for the colder months of winter. If you have a chronic illness maybe you’ve already heard about weighted blankets, maybe even sleep with one year-round. If not familiar with weighted blankets, I’ll share some of the basics of buying one.

Weighted blankets come in all sizes, including children’s and throws. The blankets work by distributing weight evenly across the body to imitate a hug to induce better sleep by increasing Serotonin levels inducing a deeper sleep.

Weighted blankets have been known to help with many types of chronic illnesses and sleeping problems.

The key difference from your average blanket is they are made with glass beads as a filler. You purchase the weight of the blanket based you your own weight. It is also suggested that if you are a first-time user to buy a lighter one to start off.

The blankets come in a variety of fabrics and many have slipcovers you can purchase as well. I’m a very hot sleeper and they even make weighted blankets for people like me. Look for Cooling in the description.

I started my search last night for a new one since the first one I purchased was too heavy. I learned a lot about how they are made and why some are more expensive than others.

When you’re looking for a blanket you want small sewn 5″-3″ squares, that way the beads are more evenly distributed. The larger the square the more the beads can roll around.

Another important feature to look for is if it is machine washable, I found several that were hand wash only and I can’t go for that. I would recommend a duvet cover for your blanket which will allow you to keep it clean and only have to wash the blanket occasionally.

There are many lists of the top brands to buy, after looking at a few lists I went to Amazon. I could not justify the $300 price of the top-rated blankets, it just doesn’t make sense. I found several including one on the list that cost $100 for a small size. I’m only buying a blanket for my side of the bed, not the entire King Size bed. He sleeps with the heavier blanket I bought years ago.

I found something interesting as I did more research. One brand I discovered said on more than one occasion, not for people with sensitive joints and back pain! Wait, hold the phone! What! I have sensitive hip joints and bad back pain. Do I need one of these blankets?

I put the question out to one of the chronic illness groups I’m in asking for their feedback. I was surprised by the number of people who could not use one, overwhelmingly they said they were too heavy or bothered them.

If you do decide to buy one, which I’ve decided to pass on, make sure you buy the right weight for your body, and that you can return it.

I’ve heard the praises of weighted blankets for years but for me, it’s not the right choice.

Ask lots of questions and shop around before buying there are so many nuances to each blanket.



  1. Hi Melinda
    Good post!
    We have had a few brands of weighted blankets and the first one was a bit expensive and my hubs loves it –
    It was too heavy for me and I tried another one from a local store
    But then one day I was in wal-Mart and found some small ones for under ten dollars – it was last year – but they have been awesome
    I have gifted four of them (they had about ten last winter when I was shopping)
    And they were in a nice navy color with not too large squares
    Anyhow – this is not a children’s weighted back key but it is not too heavy (don’t recall the actual weight right now)
    But wanted to share here just in case your readers want some more info after reading your helpful post
    1) lighter ca be better
    I can only use the full weighted blanket for about an hour and actually find it better for the calves and feet.
    2) too heavy hurt my wrists just to adjust it! Blah
    3) the smaller and lightweight ones also make cleaning them easier

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    1. Great points! So glad you found some that work and at such a steal! I may still consider a throw when it gets really cold for sitting in my chair. I love these new knitted ones but they are outrageous in price. They are beautiful but not that beautiful!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hear ya!
        And we have a huge comforter that we got at target back around 2012 and it is thin but heavy – and sometimes works like a weighted blanket – also – I found a heavy cotton coverlet for the guest room and family members that used it while visiting said it had writhed blanket heaviness qualities to it – so lots of options

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