National Gratitude Month

I think it is nice to have a month dedicated to Gratitude Awareness. With our lives being so hectic it can be easy to forget the things we are grateful for. I can recall many years when I was so sick I didn’t feel grateful at all but in reality, had so much to grateful for. Being alive is one key one!

What is National Gratitude Month all about?

National Gratitude Month was an initiative started by Stacey Grewal, who believes gratitude to be an essential ingredient of a happy and fulfilling life. When one embraces gratitude, they immediately shift their focus from the negative to the positive things in their lives.

Being always grateful does not mean that one would deny the fact that negative things happen in life (that will be delusional); it means finding and focusing more on the good. It means finding something to be grateful for amid the preponderance of bitterness and hardship.

I have so many things to be grateful for and believe with all my heart that being grateful also improves our mental health.

What are you grateful for today?



  1. We have a gratitude journey for the whole family where we wrote down three things per day we are grateful for, it’s wonderful looking back at all the entries.

    So In this case, I will write three!

    1. I have a lovely weekend planned
    2. I am grateful for an easy day at work
    3. Our daughters are home this weekend

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