Let’s Celebrate Veterans Day!

On November 11th we celebrate all Military Veterans but we should not forget the bravery and sacrifice they made and make every day of the year. Be sure to thank a veteran today and give them a hug, but please wear a mask.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial 

WWII Veterans Memorial

                                      Korean War Memorial Washington D.C.
See the source image

                                            World War I Memorial Washington DC

*We are long overdue for a memorial for the soldiers who fought in Afghanistan. Let’s make this happen! 20 years and thousands of lives lost. Let’s have a permanent memorial to celebrate their bravery.

I come from a long line of military heroes and I thank them every day for laying the foundation for our great country and the freedom we so enjoy today. 

Thank you, Gramps! He fought on the front line in Germany during WWII as an engineering specialist. 


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