National Healthy Skin Month

It’s time to pay attention to your skin. National Healthy Skin Month each November is sponsored by the American Academy of Dermatology. You may not realize it, but your skin reveals a lot about your overall health. This month makes you aware of what it takes to keep your skin healthy as well as understanding how to treat and prevent common skin problems. National Healthy Skin Month stresses how to correctly use sunscreen and offers helpful tips on how to check your skin periodically to prevent skin cancer.



Chill out

Put your feet up and manage your stress. Stress makes your skin break out and can make skin conditions like psoriasis much worse. Get your rest — between seven and nine hours a day. Exercise in the fresh air from time to time and breathe.

Hydrate daily

Sometimes the simplest actions give you the greatest benefits. Hydrating your entire body by drinking eight glasses of water daily is another cool way to moisturize your precious skin. Add lemons and other fruit to make your daily drinks even more refreshing. If plain water is boring, try adding cucumbers as well. Water clears out the dangerous toxins that hurt your skin.

Check your skin for spots and blemishes

Since November is National Healthy Skin Month, winter is an especially good time to check yourself carefully for spots with unusual shapes or colors that might indicate skin cancer. Look for moles that seem to appear. People with darker complexions aren’t exempt from skin cancer. Although skin irregularities are not often apparent on darker skin, people of ethnic backgrounds tend to die more often from skin cancer.


My personal tips for facial skincare:

Silk, Silk, and more Silk! 

Silk eye mask, silk face mask, and silk pillowcase. I love my silk pillowcase, it doesn’t give the creased face in the morning, absorbs just the right amount of moisture from my skin, doesn’t cause acne, and leaves my hair tangle-free. 

I wear silk face masks and have since shortly after the pandemic started. I have not had one mask-acne breakout and feel strongly that silk is the reason. I don’t wash them in the machine, although you can, I just take a wipe and wipe down both sides and hang them to dry. Be sure to wipe down the ear attachments too. 

Less makeup means fewer breakouts! Since I stopped wearing liquid makeup and much makeup at all, I have very few breakouts. If you must, wear a mineral powder for coverage. 

I don’t have an elaborate skincare regimen, just invest in the best products and use them every day. 

I will say sunscreen but I’m also saying it to myself because I don’t always use it and it will make such a difference as you age not to mention help with skin cancer. 

Just a few ideas. 

Take good care of your skin and it will be healthy for you. 


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