Book Review Adaptable by Alexa Carlin

I was kindly gifted a copy of Adaptable-How to Lead with Curiosity, Pivot with Purpose, and Thrive Through Change by Alexa Carlin from NetGalley, GracePoint Publishing, and Wex Press for a review. 


Pub Date 14 Sep 2021 
GracePoint Publishing, WEX Press

About the Author

At 17, Alexa Carlin became CEO of her first company, designing jewelry that made a difference, one bracelet at a time. But at 21, she was induced into a medical coma and given a one-percent chance to live. In Adaptable, she shares the stories of her journey, offering powerful insights into hope, courage, and life’s challenges.


Life’s obstacles offer two distinct directions: They can push you backward or fuel you forward. The choice is up to you.

Written in a heartfelt and authentic tone, Adaptable invites readers to develop a new perspective on their past and current obstacles. The stories, lessons, and action steps that fill each chapter gently guide readers back to their true selves, allowing them to connect deeply to their inner light and shine brightly with their true purpose.

Alexa encourages and inspires readers to use their own challenges not as a reason to abandon dreams, but as a springboard from which to thrive.


“Empowering, real, raw, and game-changing! Alexa’s stories within Adaptable will remind you of the potential you hold inside of you and the strength to push through any obstacle. An inspiring book by an inspiring woman!” – Jess Ekstrom, author of Chasing the Bright Side

Adaptable is a must read for anyone trying to silence that negative voice in their head and go after their dreams. Alexa’s voice is so real, inspiring, and motivating that you can’t help but feel empowered to live your best life.” – Rachel DeAlto, author of relatable, Relationship Expert, and television personality

My Thoughts

Adaptable is a story about overcoming insurmountable odds and taking the bull by the horns. Alexa inspires you to stay focused on your dreams and to chart a course for success by using your own obstacles as a learning experience for achieving each and every goal you set.

Alexa takes the obstacles in her young life and turns them into the motivation she needs to chart her own course.  

“This book is meant to be consumed in two ways. First, read it from front to back. Second, use it as a tool to help you find hope when it may be lost, to help you through times of self-doubt when pursuing your dreams, or for a beacon of light during some difficult times. Keep it near and anytime you feel you need a reminder, randomly flip open to a new chapter while asking for the answer you’re looking for, and read whatever chapter opens up.” I think this is the best way to read the book, it’s a story and a handbook to reflect on. 

Adaptable is a great book for everyone, from college students, just started out to professionals on the way up the ladder. 

Enjoy Reading!


Looking for the Light


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