Hot Air Balloon Mishap

Jackie&Me Balloon Ride
Celebrating after Balloon Ride

I can’t recall a time when adventure was not on my mind. I’m the thrill seeker who will travel halfway around the world to bungee jump off the highest bridge.

This is my friend Jackie (curly hair) who lives in England. Our birthdays are close so we enjoyed celebrating together when she lived here for a couple of years. A hot air balloon ride was my birthday gift that year and hers too. 

We live in a large city so we had to fly northeast. We lift off heading for the cow pastures in the distance. The sun slowly went down giving a beautiful light display. As we were landing the wind picked up. Before I know it we hit a tree, bounce up and over to another tree. I wasn’t scared of crashing, my interest was cow patties and cold champagne waiting. The mishap added to the adventure.

You will find ballooning in the French countryside on my Bucket List.

I would love to hear what you have on your Bucket List. 


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