Supporting Your Loved One After An Accident

An automobile collision is a traumatic experience for everyone involved, including the ones closest to them. You might be unsure how to show your support for a friend or loved one who has gone through this. We have a few suggestions for how you may support your friend as they make their way back to good health and happiness.

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Take Them To Appointments

When someone is involved in a car accident, they may be required to attend a number of appointments. It’s extremely beneficial to have a friend by your side when seeing an auto injury doctor who specializes in automobile accidents, going to the insurance agency, seeing their Car Accident Lawyers or any other case where your friend needs to leave the house. For one thing, folks who have been in a car accident may find it difficult to drive confidently (or may be unable to do so owing to injuries), and for another, your emotional support will be invaluable in this situation.

Keep Important Documents Up-to-Date

Along with accompanying your friend to their appointments, assist them in keeping track of vital paperwork. After an auto accident, insurance must be handled, and documentation from doctor’s visits may become misplaced – the last thing they want is crucial information to go missing when it’s most needed. Offer to assist your friend in keeping track of these documents by establishing a folder for the key sections and using sticky notes to keep track of what’s what.

Provide Step-by-Step Instructions

It can be tough to remember the logical next actions after being in a car accident. Remind your friend that they need to see a doctor within a set length of time if they need to see one (the Personal Injury Protection part of their auto insurance mandates they see a doctor within two weeks of the accident). Encourage them to visit a doctor that accepts PIP insurance (not all do) and to note their calendars for any additional appointments they have.

Provide A Meal

After a vehicle accident, the last thing anyone wants to do is prepare dinner, so take care of it for them. Purchase a pizza (or several, if they have a family) and prepare a salad before calling it a night. Providing a meal not only keeps them nourished but also demonstrates your genuine concern.

Continue To Be Compassionate

Last but not least, remember to be empathetic. Don’t tell them how they should feel; instead, be a listening ear. Instead of interspersing your own stories about accidents you’ve been in, tell them you’re there if they need you, and let them vent, whine, or utterly break down. Don’t pass any judgment.

It’s not easy after having an accident or knowing how you can support someone who is experiencing it. These tips should help you to help them. 

When a friend or family member is involved in an automobile accident, your assistance is crucial. You can assist them in sorting through their to-do list, transporting them to their appointments, and providing consolation when things become difficult. After a car accident, your friend will appreciate your unwavering support, so be there for them.

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