Blood Donor Awareness Month

The month of January is usually a period of critical blood shortages. People stop donating blood during the holidays and when they get sick during cold and flu season. Blood drives also get snowed out during the winter months.

More than 50 years ago — on December 31, 1969 — the president of the United States signed a proclamation designating January as National Blood Donor Month (NBDM). The new monthly observance was meant to honor voluntary blood donors and to encourage more people to give blood at a time when more blood is needed.

Roll up your sleeve and help save a life today. This month is the most challenging month of the year for blood donations, you can help keep the blood supply full.  

Before I became ill, I gave platelets. The process takes longer than giving blood but is used for Leukemia patients I don’t understand the process but they take the platelets out of the blood and pump the blood back into you. It takes about two hours.   

Blood is more important to me than ever now that I have a rare Immune Deficiency Disorder called Hypogammaglobulinemia. Since my body doesn’t make antibodies, I need other people’s donated blood and antibodies to help me stay healthy.  

Give blood this month and help save a life, maybe a loved one’s. 


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