Understanding Childhood Trauma

Did you know that over 60% of Americans have experienced childhood trauma of some sort? Yes, trauma faced while growing up is more common than you might think.

So common that you may have experienced trauma of some sort too. Perhaps you’ve repressed the memory, forgotten it, or even processed it – but it is essential to know where you’re at so you can move on in adulthood.

You may be wondering, how exactly can you measure trauma? Well, that’s where the childhood trauma test comes in. Below, we share the essential guide to the ACE childhood trauma test and everything you can learn from it.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

What Is The Childhood Trauma Test?

The ACE childhood trauma test for adults is a score summing up the extent of difficult childhood experiences. The ACE test questions for childhood trauma include a series of 10 questions about various incidents that occur during the earlier stages of life.

According to the test, the rougher your childhood, the higher you’ll score on the quiz. This, in turn, has implications for experiences well into adulthood. For example, this may manifest in symptoms that range from headaches and heart disease to depression and substance abuse.

If you are interested in taking the test please use the link.

Please pass along if you know someone who may need some answers.



  1. I took the test and I scored 0..The reason being is they never asked if one of your parents had died, which was my childhood trauma. I personally think that question should be asked on their test. I lost my father at 11 not from divorce but from death and it affected me all my childhood.

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