Fun Facts That Will Amaze You

I’m so glad you are enjoying Fun Facts. I learn something new each week, even if it’s weird. I love hearing your comments! 

German chocolate cake doesn’t come from Germany. It was named for a person, Sam German, who created a type of baking chocolate for Baker’s in 1852. (

Hawaiian pizza was created in Ontario, Canada, by Greek immigrant Sam Panopoulos in 1962. (

Almost all commercially grown artichokes, 99.9 percent, come from California. One town in particular, Castroville, is nicknamed “the Artichoke Capital of the World.” (

The different colors of Froot Loops cereal all taste the same—they’re not individual flavors. (

What’s inside a Kit Kat? Broken Kit Kats that are damaged during production—they get ground up and go between the wafers inside, along with cocoa and sugar. That’s a way to not let anything go to waste! (





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