Prayers for Ukraine

The Sunflower is the national flower and I love them. The situation is dire in Ukraine but the people are resilient and with our help, they can continue to stand strong. 

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You can go to Charity Navigator and find a reputable charity that supports the Ukrainian Refugees and show your support. 

Please say a prayer, whatever your religion is, please say a prayer for the people of Ukraine and the surrounding countries who are helping them. 



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  2. Praying every day. My heart is broken for all who are suffering and dying. I am so amazed at the determination those in Ukraine have. May God bless them and give them strength. I feel so helpless 😢💔🌻💙💛

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  3. Definitely need to be praying, thank you it is so touching what and how other countries are helping. A foundation in Valencia (I found this out through friends in Spain) were finding host homes for 500 children and mothers who left. Poland has been amazingly gracious. Prayers work. ❤️🤗🦋

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    1. My husband’s family is Chech so I understand the Slovic love a little bit. Poland has been giving and so have so many other countries. I was so surprised when the Swiss jumped in! That never happens. I pray for an end and that there’s something to go back ot.

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      1. I bet you do my friend. When we lived ten minutes away from downtown Seattle one of my best friends was from the Chech Republic. She was the fifth ranked gymnast in the world at one time and so she was very strong. While it was still occupied she, her husband and their young son escaped by swimming through a river. She learned English from a very elderly woman in the camp that was kind enough to teach her. She had her own business which was very successful training people with health issues to develop strength and heal from injuries. She had an enormous heart and I still love her very much and miss her. She was older than me and when she turned 60 she sent me a picture of herself in a bikini and trust me she looked as good or better than any 20 year old. She was amazing!!!! I did not know the swiss had jumped in and that is a blessing, I guess I need to look at some news. Instead I have mostly been praying about the situation and for the people. Big hugs to you and so very happy to meet you. Blessings to you and your family. ❤️ love Joni

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