1. Love this song so much it’s beautiful! It reminds of the last family holiday we had with all the boys present, we’ve had holidays with them separately or two at a time but not all together. Anyhow on that holiday we went to Greece. We found we got good tables at restaurants and bars in the evening. Then one evening all was revealed! Our eldest lad who was then 25yrs was a thin redhead who hand long dreadlocks and he usually tied them back in a pony tail! People kept asking if he was Mick Hucknel singer in Simply Red. We saw the joke but he was not so impressed.😮☺️☺️💜

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          1. Yes I have Rome is fabulous and if you stay in or near the center you can walk or catch a subway everywhere! So much to see. We have also been to Umbria but our very favourite place is Tuscany. 💜💜

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