World Water Day March 22, 2022

World Water Day is observed each year on 22 March.  The day, which was established by the United Nations was first celebrated in 1993 to celebrate the importance of freshwater around the globe.

Did you know that over 45% of the world’s land surface is covered by river basins, and over 75% of all countries have their boundaries within shared river basins.

All around the world events will be held to celebrate freshwater and promote its sustainability, and every year there is a different theme.  The theme for 2019 is “Leaving no one behind”.

From water and our future to sanitation and water scarcity, the day aims to keep us informed, and in a whole host of different ways!

Around the world there will be an array of events, from musical performances to galas, art shows and seminars.

So why not get involved?  Find out all you need to know by dropping by the official website to see how you can participate.

We use water every day for so many things we do and often times we take for granted the water will always flow. Unfortunately, it won’t and for many countries, there already have a major water crisis. Some countries don’t have access to clean water.

We can do simple things like turn off the water when we brush our teeth, make sure we don’t have any leaks in our house, only run the dishwasher when it’s full, and the same for adjusting the level of water based on the size of the load. One thing I do as often as possible is collect rainwater so I can use it to water my plants. The plants love the non-chemical water and I love that it’s free.




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