Book Review How To Breathe Like A Badass by Hannah Jane Thompson

I want to say a special thank you to Managing Editor Soraya Nair of Trigger Publishing for sending me the book How To Breathe Like A Badass by Hannah Jane Thompson for review. 


Breathe Like a Badass: Beat Anxiety and Self Doubt, Calm Your Inner Critic & Build a No-Nonsense Mindfulness and Meditation Toolkitme and Build Your No-Nonsense Mindfulness and Meditation Toolkit by [Hannah Jane Thompson]

Breathe Like a Badass: Beat Anxiety and Self Doubt, Calm Your Inner Critic & Build a No-Nonsense Mindfulness and Meditation Toolkitme and Build Your No-Nonsense Mindfulness and Meditation Toolkit Kindle Edition

About the Author

Hannah Jane Thompson is a qualified mindfulness meditation teacher and certified life coach. She runs Breathe Like a Badass, a personalised online meditation service helping ambitious-but-anxious women all over the world beat stress and anxiety, overcome imposter syndrome and get productive without burning out.

Hannah discovered meditation herself over a decade ago, after years of struggling with anxiety, low self-worth, bad break-ups, lack of career direction, and even less self-compassion. Hannah’s work focuses on personalised meditation – a mixture of life coaching and a variety of different meditation techniques – designed around the goals and personality of each individual.

Hannah currently lives in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, with her long-term partner Oliver and her Norfolk-Jack Russell cross puppy, Luqa.

When she’s not meditating, she can be found doing at-home yoga, drinking coffee or gin, eating Nutella with a spoon, crocheting, hunting for the nearest woodfired pizza, thinking about maybe going for a run, planning her next escape to the sun, wearing massive earrings, and snuggling with her dog.


Breathe Like a Badass is a no-BS guide to creating a life-changing, burnout-busting emotional toolkit – one breath at a time. Want to quieten your inner critic, rediscover your inner badass and build a successful, freedom-filled life you love? Then BREATHE.

Hannah Jane Thompson is on a mission to help ambitious-but-anxious women like you banish patterns of self-sabotage.

This down-to-earth guide teaches you how to start – and stick to – a non-woo woo meditation habit (no chakras or chunks of rose quartz here, sorry) that will help calm anxiety, beat self-doubt, and build a focused, fulfilled and happy life.

Using scientifically proven mindfulness, meditation and self-reflection techniques, Hannah will help you turn your inner critic from b*tch to badass and create an emotional toolkit to use when life gets tough.

Through acceptance and self-compassion, you can transform all areas of your life – from working on your mental health, calming anxiety, stress and depression; to giving fewer sh*ts about what others think and improving your sex life, body confidence, relationships, career and finances.

My Thoughts

I love this quote she includes in the book.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor and mindfulness expert”

Learn to surf we must if we are to move forward in life. One key is to learn to be aware of our self-talk and inner criticism. Hannah’s goal is to show how to slow down, learn to listen to your inner voice, and bring more balance into your life.  

This book is unlike other meditation books I’ve read in that Hannah breaks things down to the bone. There’s no fluff here, no sage burning or mystic crystals. Just straightforward conversation in a manner you can understand and can make part of your daily routine right away. If your looking for fluff don’t buy this book. 

Excerpt From
Breathe Like A Badass

“That’s how I realized that making new habits isn’t about willpower, or how much you want it, or finding the exact right time or moment. It’s about repetition, and not waiting until everything is perfect to start. If I had waited until I felt calm enough, ready enough, or had the perfect place or the perfect time to begin learning to meditate, I would never have got started.”

Isn’t this paragraph about life, really? If we waited for everything to be perfect to happen in our lives, nothing would happen, or something we aren’t controlling. That’s the point, we have to take the wheel in life. 

She lays out the basics of what is meditation and she makes it easy to see how meditation can fit into your life with practice and a little patience. 

I recommend this book to all women who want to learn how to calm their inner voice.  

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We have built a first-class resource of curated books produced and published in-house to create a unique collection of mental health recovery titles unrivaled in quality and selection. We work with experts, psychologists, doctors, and coaches to produce our books, but we also work with real people looking to share their stories to reach out to others and provide hope, understanding, and compassion. These brave authors also aim to raise awareness of mental health’s “human” face and its impact on everyday lives. 



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