Overview of Pain Management App Clearing

I’ve heard it said a thousand times how doctors aren’t listening to their patients and their pain needs are going unmet.  Clearing is a new Pain Management App that answers the call, it hears your stories and addresses each with a personalized regime backed by a professional team of doctors and has 24/7 support.

50+ million Americans deal with chronic pain, yet frequently feel stigmatized, dismissed, or left addicted to opioids. Combining technology with a patient-centric approach, we can build a new model of care that provides opioid-free relief for millions, while making it more affordable & accessible.

We’re transforming our broken pain care system by making it easy & affordable for patients to access the specific physical and mental treatments they need to find relief. We are the only vertically integrated chronic pain management platform, combining prescription medications, physical exercise, health coaching, and 1:1 doctor-patient consultations.

“There are way too many people who are suffering without getting the care they need, and it just doesn’t need to be that way.” ~ Dr. Jacob Hascalovici


Your pain treatment, on your terms and your schedule

Your time and mental health are too important to give up. Let Clearing handle your treatment plan, support team, and pain history in one place.

Whole-body healthcare to treat your pain from home


Treatment that addresses physical pain, emotional strain, and the need for support.


Each program is personalized for each patient, evolving over time and under the care of doctors trained in treating chronic pain.


Treatments delivered to your door, virtual doctor visits, and 24/7 messaging access to your care team really make a difference.

What is the biggest issue you have with healthcare providers?

The list is long isn’t it? Clearing is addressing each of the issues with a comprehensive system backed by some of the biggest names in Pain Management from Harvard to John Hopkins.

Clearing’s Medical Advisory Board

A network of highly trained Neurologists, Anesthesiologists, Psychiatrists, and Orthopedic Surgeons who specialize in treating pain.

How does Clearing work?

Clearing starts by gathering all medical information, and life experiences and asking a series of questions to better understand your pain-needs. From there, your profile is reviewed by a medical specialist and a telehealth appointment is scheduled.

After meeting with your doctor a comprehensive personalized regime lays the groundwork for moving forward in your pain journey as the team works side by side with you to fine-tune the plan.

Here are a few types of Pain Clearing Supports



Wrist Pain

Sore Ankles

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Feet Tingles

For a comprehensive list go to Clearing here.

It’s important to understand Clearing is an opioid-free solution. The types of therapy offered can include nutraceuticals, a prescription compound cream, CBD cream, targeted exercises, and access to pain specialists who can guide you toward better pain management.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your pain journey, get started now with a trial.


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