Fun Facts That Will Amaze You

I’m so glad you are enjoying Fun Facts. I learn something new each week, even if it’s weird. I love hearing your comments! 


Play-Doh started out as a wallpaper cleaner before the head of the struggling company realized the non-toxic material made a good modeling clay for children and rebranded it. (

In the 1940s, a retired schoolteacher came up with Candyland to entertain children who were hospitalized from polio. Because its color system required no reading, young kids could easily play. (

People started wearing pajamas, originally spelled “pyjamas,” instead of nightgowns so they’d be prepared to run outside in public during World War I air raids in England. (

At Medieval Times dinner attractions, you eat with your hands because people didn’t use utensils in the middle ages. (

Freelancers originally referred to self-employed, sword-wielding mercenaries: literally “free lancers.” (





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