April Writing Prompts

Each month Sheryl at A Chronic Voice shares writing prompts for all with a chronic illness or disability to participate by sharing their story to help encourage others. 

This month’s word prompts are:






I’ve chosen three words, Forgetting, Modifying, and Trusting.

I’m choosing to forget all the times I couldn’t do something or go somewhere planned. It’s a burden that none should have to carry. It’s a big monkey on the shoulders that doesn’t go away unless you make an effort. When we make the decision that we are important, we learn to take care of ourselves. Part of taking care of ourselves is giving ourselves some grace. The house might not be as clean or you may have to skip an invitation with a friend or family member but you must come first in taking care of your health.

Reducing stress is taking care of ourselves, we have to plan activities, like a foot or hand mask, foot soak, meditation, and the list goes on. Remember self-care time is taking care of ourselves time.  


My immune disorder has left me trapped in the house since before COVID started and it’s time to move forward in this Post Covid world. I’ve been getting my hair cut and colored, driven to a few appointments, and am going to sign up for a Self-Defense class. I have to modify my life, it’s too restrictive. If I start getting sick, then I’ll have to take stock but for now, it’s game on. I have a void in my life and it’s time to fill it. 

I’m trusting that once I get active outside of the house that my health will improve, I know my mental health will improve as I work in the garden every day. I’ve ordered several very special flowers this year and bought more perennial flowers as well. My garden is my haven in the Spring and Summer and no matter how bad I feel the garden makes me feel better.

Thank you for reading and please be sure to check out Sheryl’s site, she is a wealth of knowledge and has a great archive.



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