Have a Safe and Blessed Ramadan

I’ve watched many services on TV during Ramadan and it’s breathtaking. People travel for thousands of miles on foot to go to Mecca to hear prayers and to celebrate with other Muslims.

It’s a journey I would like to take one day, I’m a Christain but that doesn’t take away from the Holy prayers that are said and the awe of being there. Now that doesn’t mean that Christians are welcome, that’s just my desire.

It’s a mash-up that’s for sure. It’s civilized but with so many people, it’s overwhelming.

Have a blessed month, I hope you receive prayers and lots of love during Ramadan.

Photo by Rayn L on Pexels.com

I wish you all the best on your journey to Mecca. Please be careful and soak up the sacred memories of a lifetime.


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