Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is very important to the community and survivors. I’ve been assaulted more than once, as a child and again as an adult. I was very scared and in both cases I did nothing. Both were by people I knew and that muddies the waters in your head even when you say no.

At RAINN, we’re dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual violence every day of the year—but each April for Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (#SAAPM) we do a little something different. During SAAPM, we ask individuals and communities across the country to engage with this issue by learning more about sexual violence, sharing information, bringing together our community, volunteering, and donating. Below we have everything you need—information, planning tips, social media posts and graphics—so you can easily share, tweet, and tag with @RAINN throughout the month. Together, we can support survivors and change the way our communities respond to sexual violence.

Bystander Intervention 101: Show You CARE

The only person responsible for committing sexual assault is a perpetrator, but all of us have the ability to look out for each other’s safety. Whether it’s giving someone a safe ride home from a party or directly confronting a person who is engaging in threatening behavior, anyone can help prevent sexual violence.


Find help and the resources you need. Call 800.656.4673


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