I have had an aversion to how I look in photos most of my life, it’s a body dysmorphic thing. This isn’t the worst shot but it makes me realize for the first time how thin my upper lip is. 

I’m smiling at you! Yes, you! Have a great weekend.



  1. Aww gorgeous, Mel! And such lovely teeth (I’m a wee bit jealous). I have thinner lips than I’d like, especially as I have to keep my mouth shut for photos because my teeth are awful 😆 You may not see it, but you look beautiful, and I am ALWAYS right xx

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    1. Thank you, it’s always nice to hear someone thinks your pretty. I don’t think I’m ugly just aged more than I’d like and when I don’t wear make-up all my freckles show. But God made me so I’m happy. But I will do some cosmetic things along the way when needed.

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