I’m in Love with Pipette

I’ve discovered a line of products that so far have surpassed my expectations, and it’s a baby product line called Pipette. It all started with my dry peeling cracking hands. I was on a mission and my supply cabinet didn’t have what I needed. 

My hands had never been so bad before and nothing worked. I saw an ad for Pipette balm and decided to try it. Wow, it has a Vaseline-like feel but is not as greasy and soaks into the skin to a degree. I still only use it at night.

Then I noticed they had a Balm Stick which is a great idea for little places and when you don’t want to get your hands all balmed up. I use it on my legs but it’s great anywhere.  I have it just on my palms right now. 

Pipette has a complete line of baby products and a few products for mothers. I also really like the Eczema Cream. It is so creamy but absorbs nicely and lasts a long time. 

I know many of you have skin challenges like I do and are always on the lookout for new products. 

I bought all of mine from Amazon but they have a website as well. Maybe they have a product for your skin challenges. 


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