Every Kid Healthy Week (25 – 29 April)

Every Kid Healthy Week, from April 25 to April 29this year, is an observance that aims to spread awareness regarding the health of children. This is essential because, to grow up into healthy adults, it is important for kids to be healthy and active from a young age. To ensure parents and children are aware of the advantages of nutrition and wellness, Every Kid Healthy Week is celebrated every year.


  1. The yearly check-up

    Children from ages five to 10 must have a full check-up by a doctor once a year.

  2. Obesity issues

    In the U.S., one in three kids are obese or need to lose weight.

  3. The fatal illness

    Pneumonia is the most fatal illness for children and kills 800,000 children a year.

  4. An active lifestyle

    A child of six needs an hour of vigorous activity, daily.

  5. Many absences

    3.2% of children in the U.S. miss more than 11 days of school annually due to illness or injury.


    1. Children are more sensitive to illnesses/diseases

      The fact is, children are more vulnerable to illnesses and are more likely to lose their lives if not provided with the correct treatment.

    2. Healthy children grow up into healthy adults

      The adolescence stage is the most important time for a young person to consume the correct nutrients as this can help the body to develop to its full potential. An unhealthy child may face numerous health issues in the future.

    3. The social and emotional health of a child is the base of their personality

      Personality development starts at a young age, hence, a disturbed child is likely to grow up into an unhappy adult. To ensure the future generation is happy and healthy, mentally as well as physically, parents and schools need to emphasize a child’s mental health.




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