Book Review Love Interrupted, Navigating Grief One Day at a Time by Simon Thomas

I want to give a special thanks to Laura Sebright from Trigger Publishing for sending me the book, Love Interrupted, Navigating Grief One Day at a Time by Simon Thomas for review. 


Love, Interrupted: Navigating Grief One Day at a Time Paperback – June 13, 2019

200 pages


In his heartbreaking memoir, Simon Thomas (former Blue Peter presenter and one of the leading faces of Sky Sports Football) reveals how grief nearly destroyed him.When Simon lost the woman he had loved for 16 years, the future he’d imagined for their happy family disappeared forever. Just three days after being diagnosed, Gemma died from acute myeloid leukaemia.In Love, Interrupted, Simon is brutally honest about his journey through grief, and opens up about how close he came to ending his own life. Simon didn’t know how to carry on without Gemma; he just knew that, for the sake of his eight-year-old son, he had to find a way…Love, Interrupted is a moving story of love, loss, faith, and family.

My Thoughts


‘The most moving book of the year’ Daily Mail’

A brave and candid book’ Metro

Death is a taboo subject but one we all deal with in our lifetime. Simon shares his experience of love and loss, and the will to move forward for the health of his young son Ethan who is eight years old when his mother dies. 

His writing is raw as he shares the experience of losing his wife suddenly to cancer and how he navigates the unbearable grief. Simon talks about his mental health during the grieving process and how to help a child deal with all the emotions of losing a mother. It’s a heartbreaking story but one of hope. 

Simon and Ethan learn how to build a life and move forward to reclaim their happiness while still honoring his wife Gemma. 

This book is for anyone who has lost a loved one or is helping someone who has and is dealing with grief.  It’s not a book about dying but one about living, about taking the painful steps forward to find happiness again and to provide a stable life for his son. 

It’s a fast read and you feel Simon’s pain and loss in a real way. I would recommend this book without hesitation. 

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