Summer Here Its Time For Ticks

This is a post I wrote in 2015 right after my port was inserted. I feel it’s important for people to understand the magnitude of Lyme Disease, it can be life-threatening if it develops into the chronic stage like mine did.

Summer is right around the corner and most won’t give ticks a second thought. Here’s a photo of why you should. IV Antibiotic Therapy is administered the same way chemotherapy is, thru a port straight into your system.

The amount of antibiotics required to fight Lyme is so high your stomach can’t handle it. Your stomach has a hard enough time with the medication you do have to take and the nausea medication only goes so far.

You can’t begin to imagine the care that goes into changing the port bandage, it’s critical that no germs enter the port area. It could cause a deadly infection.

You can prevent Lyme with a few simple steps, please take them while you are out enjoying your summer.


Check for ticks

Stay out of the tall brush, or tuck your pants into your socks

Wear a hat that hangs down on the back to prevent ticks from falling down your shirt

Wear white socks so you can see the ticks crawling up your legs

Happy trails!



Brief Lyme Update #14 *Lyme-tough Me-still have fight in me*

I had surgery for a Port today, it is required for IV Treatment. I choose IV Therapy because it has a record of healing faster. I can tell already a Port for 9-12 months is no merry-go-round. The surgical area’s not bad.

The procedure is short, it takes longer to prep than do surgery. A catheter goes into a small section of the heart, then is brought thru the skin to take medicine through the tubing hanging down with a blue top. Doctors do the procedure differently. The bandaging stays the entire time and is changed once a week.

This is my basic regimen for those who don’t understand the horrible effects of Lyme IV Therapy. In a future post, I’ll talk about the cost of treatment. If you would like to know more leave me a comment or read all 13 of my Lyme post.  All ticks can carry Lyme, ticks the size of sesame seed to a piece of rice. P.S. mosquitoes and flies can also carry Lyme. The best revenge is a sunscreen with 20% DEET. If out hiking in pants tucked into socks. Wear light-colored clothes and search like crazy once home, think of a tick that small in your hair.

Starter Regime 

Five Supplements (every day)

Seven RX pills  (every day)

10mg Morphine patch (one a week)

M, W & F  Antibiotic Drip 2 times a day with 2 shots of Heparin

On all other days, two bags of lactose for detox with a shot of Heparin

Each drip takes about an hour

Blood Test once a week

Fly out-of-state once a month for doctor’s appointment

You can not get the bandage wet. Stick saran wrap over the bandage, and you can shower, only if you can do magic tricks. 

I hope seeing a photo and reading the post will help put the two together.


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