In less than two weeks over 30 families have been torn apart by gun violence. Two weeks! What the FUCK is going on in our country. You’ve heard by now of the senseless shooting in Uvalde, Texas yesterday. An 18-year-old purchased a semi-automatic rifle, killed his grandmother went to the elementary school, and left behind 19 students and two teachers dead. With several more students in critical condition in the hospital. We may be adding to that number.

How can we find this acceptable? What is it going to take to get to the root of the problem? I’m tired of throwing bandaids on the real issues. GUN LAWS!

I’m embarrassed that one of the Texas lawmakers suggested that more police was the answer. REALLY? More police in schools are the answer? How many shootings have occurred when an officer was on campus?

I’m a gun owner, and I believe that people have the right to carry a gun. People who are responsible to carry a gun, not just anyone. This 18-year-old shooter went to the store and bought a semi-automatic rifle. Why in the hell was this allowed? The person that sold him the gun should go to jail!

I don’t have all the answers but I know that we have to get our lawmakers off their asses and make changes to the law. No one needs a semi-automatic rifle, they are for mass shootings. We have to make guns much harder to get, much more extensive, and longer time periods before buying a gun.

I know there are those who say I want to stomp on their 2nd amendment rights but that is not the case. Taking all guns away is taking those rights away. I want anyone who has a problem with what I have to say, to go to Uvalde and see the carnage left behind. The families are torn apart by what could have easily been prevented. Look them in the eye and make your case. Attend all the funerals and tell me we don’t need gun reform.

Photo by Kony Xyzx on Pexels.com

Matthew McConaughey is from Uvalde and here’s a snippet of what he had to say.

Matthew McConaughey is from Uvalde 

“Once again, we have tragically proven that we are failing to be responsible for the rights our freedoms grant us,” he wrote, in part. “The true call to action now is for every American to take a longer and deeper look in the mirror and ask ourselves, ‘What is it that we truly value? How do we repair the problem?’

“We cannot exhale once again, make excuses, and accept these tragic realities as the status quo.”

He went on to ask Americans to find “common ground” so that they can put an end to mass shootings.

How many more lives have to be lost before we force change? What if it’s your child next, your neighbor’s child, your mother, or your husband?

We all have to send a message to lawmakers, LAWMAKERS are the people who get it done. This is not on the President, he doesn’t make the laws. We each have elected officials that are supposed to listen to what we want, and what we need. It’s these state lawmakers that we elect who have to stop playing politics in the aisle and make real change. We have to hold them accountable.

We have to send a message by how we vote.

I’m seething and know when I turn on the news in the next couple of days there will be another mass shooting and another.

The time is now!



    1. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there will be enough Republicans on board to support real change. Our Governor is Republican and the crap he’s talking about doing is lip service. Several Democratic states have taken swift action but they are the few. I just question was there ever a time in our history when we met in the middle. I’m a Republican but I have common sense and am not being paid by the NRA. We can only hope.


  1. It’s beyond belief. I agree with you. I have to say though as far as I am concerned no ordinary person needs a gun. Ban all guns. They Te for specialist use. Military, Special police squads not every police person, farmers under strict license and supervision. Ban Guns.

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