Meet Beyond My Battle, For Chronic Health, Disability And Caregiver Support

I was contacted by Angelina Valente after seeing my Organization That Can Help page asking if I would add Beyond My Battle to the list. I spent some time this morning looking over their website and was amazed at the support offered for people with Chronic Health Conditions, The Disabled, and for Caregivers. I wanted to do more than add to the list, I wanted to make sure you knew about the organization. 

Here’s a little about Beyond My Battle

Cultivating resilience and reducing the stress of illness and disability through contemplative practice. 

It isn’t uncommon to have a physical illness or disability. In fact, more than 155 million Americans live with a chronic illness, 61 million have a disability, and 25 million live with a rare disease. Also common is the overwhelming stress that comes with adapting to and managing any life-altering medical condition. 

For someone living with a disease or disability, stress can further jeopardize health and strain needed relationships. For caregivers, stress leads to burnout and compromises emotional availability.

Research reveals that the way one copes with stress determines how it impacts their physical and emotional health, where an engaged approach results in higher levels of well-being and acceptance. Our programs foster engaged coping through contemplative practice and community engagement, an approach well-documented in reducing stress and cultivating resilience.

Our vision is to provide patients and caregivers with a unique model of support for life with health-related uncertainty. 

Each month they offer Virtual Retreats for a small fee and the vast majority of the resources are free.

Free Online Support Groups

Creative Meetups

Online Community




and the Unfixed Podcast 

Listen to the Unfixed Podcast

Beyond The Battle is a non-profit organization. All donations are welcome. 

Please check out the wealth of resources that Beyond My Battle has to offer. 


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