Updated Review of Delta 8 CBD Gummies

After trying and finding relief in Delta 8 CBD gummies as opposed to CDB oil, I’ve been on a mission to try several brands in an effort to find my go-to brand or brands. I’ve tried seven so far and have found two that I like and Kind Oasis is my go-to brand, for now, I’m no longer shopping around. 

This post may contain affiliate links that earn me a small commission, they don’t cost you more and help fund my coffee habit. 

Kind Oasis

Citrus Splash 30mg per gummy

I love them! Melts like light jello and has no aftertaste. A hint of citrus flavor.

The 30mg is the way to go if you are looking for the full Delta 8 effect. This one is very relaxing, it helped me go back to sleep and ease my mind from wondering. I didn’t take sleeping pills for two weeks. These help me get to a state of harmony. These are my favorite so far! 

Try The CBD

Tri-flavor 25mg per gummy

I dislike them, they are too hard and have bad artificial flavor after taste.

I dislike these all the way around. I did not feel the same relaxing effect as the other 25mg gummy. They weren’t the least expensive either.

Pure Kana

Watermelon 25mg gummy

Taste horrible! The initial sugar-coated taste was promising but the strong after taste is not worth buying for. I didn’t take enough to say if they worked because I could not eat anymore.


Pomegranate 25mg gummy

These are by far the worst! They are hard to chew and taste bad. To make it worse, I felt no effect of the Delta 8. I would not spend my money on this one. I made the mistake of buying two of these since they were on sale, shame on me! 

Green Garden Gold

Tangerine 30mg gummy

These have a soft jelly-like consistency and taste good with no after-taste. Green Garden Gold knows how to make a gummy! They’re vegan and work! I take one when I start my nightly routine and after 15-20 minutes I start to feel that relaxing feeling come over me. I don’t have a care in the world and my stress is lifted. These are a keeper and I will buy them again for sure. 

Green Garden Gold Delta 9

Strawberry 10mg gummy

The Delta 8 Tangerine gummies were great but these Delta 9’s are terrible. The worst I’ve tasted in fact they made me gag. I threw $100 worth of product in the trash.


Citrus 25mg gummy

I found these listed on a Top 10 list of Forbes and thought I would try them. They are a harder jello-like consistency but the taste is to be desired. They aren’t horrible but I don’t like the aftertaste. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to make a great-tasting gummy. 

Have you tried Delta 8 gummies? I would love to hear your feedback!


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