International Panic Day June 18th

June 18 is International Panic Day. Use it as an excuse to panic about everything under the sun, or take the day to evaluate your priorities and eliminate anything that causes you stress and anxiety.

It is a fact of life that as we grow older, life can get complicated. This made-up holiday is an acknowledgment that work, finances, health and relationships can all sometimes get overwhelming and that it is necessary to take a pause once in a while and relax. The holiday encourages people to find ways to reduce and manage their stress.

How to Observe?

  • Take the day off and relax. It is for good reason that today is also International Picnic Day. What better way to relax and forget all your stresses than by going on a picnic?
  • Go to the store and treat yourself to some aromatic candles. It has been shown that soothing music and pleasant smells can help reduce stress.
  • Go for a long walk in the park and commune with nature.
  • Read, get a new hobby or get involved in social activities. The more you are busy, the less time you will have to think about your stressors.
  • Recruit a stress buddy – someone who can calm you and work through the futility of panicking with you. Every time you feel life is overwhelming you, call them and ask them for their help.

I think this is an observance day we can all get behind. 




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