Happy Father’s Day Gramps

This is a sketch of my Gramps playing scratch-off games, we always bought him some on holidays. He loved the anticipation of winning if only a dollar. My Gramps was my only father figure and he was the best.

No nonsense, hardworking, loyal, honest, simple, and loving.

Gramps never complained or made excuses and didn’t let you either. I remember once when I was in high school I ask him to call my employer to say I wouldn’t be in. He said it’s your job, you call. He was right, it was my responsibility and he taught me to own what was mine.

He taught me to drive by taking trash cans down to the levy bottoms and had me practice parallel parking. He was very patient as I toppled on one can after another.

He had some simple rules to live by:

If you can get out of bed, you can go to work.

If you’re going to be late, might as well not go in.

If you borrow something, give it back in better shape than you got it.

Put your family first.

My Gramps knew he was dying but refused to get in the hospital bed until two days before he died. He was so stubborn. I lost him in 2012 and my life was forever changed.

I spent the last five months of his life living with him, I’m so glad we had that time together. The good and the bad.

I know he’s proud of me today and still watches over me.

Happy Father’s Day! I love you, Gramps.



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